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Family overview from Gabriel Monod de Froideville

Calender Monod de Froideville

I am Ernst and I live in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. My surname "Monod de Froideville" is not a very usual one. In fact it is pretty rare. The reason why I started this internet page is, because Ii wanted to collect and share information about the family. Questions like: what did they do? were did they do it? what are they doing? were are they doing it?, are very interesting for me. And therfore I want to make a kind of database here on this site and collect a lot of information. Thus Ii want to share this information with all the other people who share the same interest and who would like to contribute to the family tree overview/database.
At this moment I am still collecting and editing data which I have on the family. If you, the reader, have information please mail me.